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Mitsubishi Electric MAC-588IF-E Air Conditioner Wi-Fi Adaptor

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Model MAC-588IF-E


This is a Mitsubishi Electric product. It is not compatible with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries air conditioners.

Comparing with MAC-568IF-E, MAC-588IF-E has better signal strength and quick QR code setup.

The MAC-588IF-E Wi-Fi Control Adaptor connects discreetly to your air conditioning system control board and should only be installed by an authorised installer. It can either be purchased as an optional upgrade when purchasing a high wall air conditioner, or retrofitted to an existing Mitsubishi Electric model.

Eazy setup guide.pdf   Installation Guide.pdf   Set up quick reference.pdf

Compatible heat pumps:

High Walls

  • MSZ-AP15/20VGD
  • MSZ-AP25/35/42/50/60/71/80VGD
  • MSZ-AP25/35/42/50/60/71/80VGKD has Wi-Fi built in
  • MSZ-EF25/35/42/50VGK(B/S/W) has Wi-Fi built in
  • MSZ-LN25/35/50/60VG2(R/V/B) has Wi-Fi built in
  • MSZ-AS90VGD-A1
  • PKA-M71/100KAL
  • MSZ-GS25/35/42/50/60/71/80VGD
  • MSZ-LN25/35/50/60VE(R/V/B)
  • MSZ-EF22/25/35/42/50VE(2)(B/S/W)
  • MSZ-GL22/25/35/42/50/60/71/80VGD
  • MSZ-GE22/25/35/42/50VAD2
  • MSZ-GE22/25/33/35/42/50/60/71/80VAD
  • MSZ-GE22/25/33/35/42/50/60/71/80VA*
  • MSZ-FH25/35/50VE(HZ)
  • MSZ-FB35/50VA(H)
  • PKA-RP71/100KAL

Floor Consoles

  • MFZ-KW25/35/42/50/60VG(50/60VGHZ)
  • MFXZ-KW25/35/50VG
  • MFZ-KJ25/35/50/60VE(50/60VEHZ)
  • MFZ-KA25/35/50VA

Ducted Systems and Zone Controller

  • PEAD-M50/60/71/100/125/140JAA
  • PEAD-RP71/100/125/140JAA
  • PEA-M100/125/140GAA
  • PEA-M100/125/140HAA
  • PEA-RP71/100/125/140EAQ
  • PEA-RP100/125/140GAA
  • PEA-RP170/200WJA
  • PEA-RP250WHA
  • PAC-ZC40/80

Concealed Systems

  • SEZ-M35/50/60/71VAD
  • SEZ-KD35/50/60/71VAQ

Ceiling Cassettes

  • MLZ-KP25/35/50VF
  • SLZ-M25/35/50/60FA
  • SLZ-KF25/35/50/60VA3
  • PLA-M71/100/125/140EA
  • PLA-RP60/71/100/125/140BA

Ceiling Suspended

  • PCA-M50/60/71/100/125/140KA
  • PCA-RP50/60/71/100/125/140KAQ

Warranty: 1 year


  • Control or Monitor from Anywhere
  • Turn air conditioners on/off
  • Change temperature
  • Change modes
  • Change fan speeds
  • Change airflow direction
  • Develop operating rules
  • Develop operating rules
  • Minimum Room Temperature
  • Maximum Room Temperature


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