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Split system installation


For Great Sydney areas only.

    The service:

New installation – a standard installation of a new air conditioner

Replacement installation – we will remove your existing air conditioner and install the new one in the same location

    How it works?

Free online quote
1. Get a free online quote by email us some photos and details. See details below.
2. A technician will then provide an online/over the phone quote.
3. Deliver, install and pay on the agreed installation day.

Get Online Quote

Paid site visit*
If your installation is not considered standard, or you are unsure of the installation type you require, we can organise a measure & quote for you.
$80 upfront cost.


Standard back to back installation:
$650 (2-4.6kw)
$700 (5-7kw)
$750 (8-9.5kw)

Additional costs:
Poly slab $40
Concrete slab $40
Adjustable rubber feet $30
Insulated copper pipes plus interconnecting cables over 3 metres initial allowance $40/m
PVC pipe cover over 2.2m initial allowance $30/length (2.2m)
Eletrical cable with conduit over 3 metres initial allowance $10/m
*New circuit to swtichboard plus new RCBO $200/first 10m, then $10/m
Wall brackets mounted below 1.5m from standing level $70
Wall brackets mounted above 1.5m from standing level $100
Left side exit penetration (side entry) $50
Pipework run through ceiling (within 10m) $249
Working at height - double storey installation $70

*Switchboard must be on an external wall, price may differ for apartments

    What’s included in standard back to back installation?

Standard back-to-back installation is a split system with two main components – a wall mounted indoor unit with an outdoor unit positioned directly below on a single storey dwelling.

  • Licensed and insured installer
  • A wall mounted indoor unit with an outdoor unit positioned outside at ground level directly below
  • Anti-vibration rubber pads for outdoor unit
  • Up to 3 meters of refrigeration pipe and interconnecting cables
  • One length (2.2m) of PVC ducting to conceal the pipe work and electrical connections
  • Weatherproof Electrical isolator next to outdoor unit
  • Up to 3 meters power supply to nearby existing circuit. For 5- 9.5kW systems, additional electrical circuit required if not one already, additional cost applicable
  • Remove all packaging and rubbish

Free online quote

Get Online Quote

 email the following to

For new installation: 
Available for Great sydney areas only
Fill the form below or email the following to

Details of your property:

  • Installation address
  • Property types: single story house, double story house, townhouse, apartment or else
  • Size of the room
  • Model number of the new air con


  • Wide angle photo of the wall you wish to mount the indoor unit, with a brief description.
    e.g. above the painting in the middle, above the window in the middle.
  • Wide angle photo of the wall/ground you wish to mount the outdoor unit, with a brief description.
    e.g. directly on the ground, on brackets at ground level, on brackets 1 meter from ground.
  • a. Photos show distance of the nearest isolation switch or power point (2-4.6kw cooling capacity).
    b. Photos of your circuit board with brief description of the distance from the outdoor unit (5kw and over cooling capacity).

Best practise: Try put some comments or marks on your photos, this will help a lot. The more information you can give, the easier it is for installers to quote.